Resident & Volunteer Staff Opportunities

Our committed Resident Staff and Volunteers make camp at Ascension a valuable experience for everyone involved. Click below to learn more about being a part of Ascension School Camp and how to apply for seasonal jobs.

Resident Staff

All staff members (Directors, Resident Staff, Chaplains, Resource Staff, Nurse, Junior Counselors) work as a team to plan and implement the camp program and ensure the health and safety of the entire camp community.

Resident Staff members are primarily responsible for supervising cabin groups, leading and/or co-leading family groups, planning and facilitating large group activities, planning and facilitating interest blocks, supervising campers during both on and off-campus activities, mentoring Junior Counselors, and monitoring camper health, safety, behavior, and well-being.

Specific expectations may vary from camp to camp, but typically include the following:

  • Participating in pre-camp training, planning sessions, and daily Resident Staff meetings
  • Planning, leading, and participating in the full range of camp activities
  • Encouraging a sense of community, respect, and shared responsibility among campers
  • Explaining, following, and enforcing all camp rules and policies
  • Instructing campers in emergency procedures such as fire drills and cabin evacuation
  • Modeling appropriate camp behavior to campers and Junior Counselors, including good sportsmanship, good table manners, punctuality, and active participation in all camp activities
  • Aiding campers in assuming responsibility for meal-time hosting, camp clean-up, and personal cleanliness
  • Supporting fellow staff members by being consistent with expectations, showing enthusiasm for activities others are leading, helping prepare and clean up after activities, and offering to step in when others need a break
  • Welcoming volunteer Resource Staff and actively including them in camp activities
  • Mentoring Junior Counselors, helping them to plan and lead camp activities and modeling appropriate counselor behavior
  • Supervising campers on the way to and from the swimming pool, and enforcing both camp and pool rules while at the pool
  • Immediately reporting to Program Director any serious and/or ongoing concerns about the health, safety, behavior, or well-being of campers, Junior Counselors, or other staff members
  • Immediately reporting to Program Director in the event of missing campers, strangers on campus, fire, or other emergency situations
  • Cleaning and maintaining program buildings and equipment as assigned by Program Director

Staff Application (pdf)


Volunteers are immeasurably important to camp.  Some of the responsibilities you will have:

  • To help facilitate Christian Education
  • To help coordinate and lead activities-skill building and recreational
  • To maintain standards that lead to a top quality program
  • To receate a fun and safe environment for kids
  • To help provide an atmosphere for developing morale and well being among the camp family

Responsible to: Program Director

Volunteer positions are a one week commitment in June, July, or August. Room and board will be provided. For more information, please contact your Cove Coordinator or the Ascension School Office at 541-568-4514.

Volunteer Application (pdf)

Junior Counselors

Our Junior Counselors (JCs) are high school aged volunteers that help the Resident Staff and Program Directors during the camp season.

  • JC Training typically happens during Senior High camp, and includes leadership and safety training.
  • JCs are expected to follow all rules set by the Program Directors and contribute to camp in a positive way.

Junior Counselor Application (pdf)