Adult and family activities at Ascension include Lenten retreat, Ministry Weekend in April, work weekend in late May, Adult Education in early August and Family Camp in early September.

Adult Education Event: August 24th – 27th

How our faith intersects with our everyday work
with Armand “Bunky” Larive

When we meet someone for the first time, one of the first questions is, “What do you do?” …because it’s the quickest way into the meaning of that person’s life. And the meaning of a person’s life is a deeply spiritual matter. One’s occupation provides self-worth, material support, connection with the world, and a means to contribute.

Clearly, there is spiritual energy behind what we do just as if we were to discover it, much like finding a vein of rich minerals to mine out of the ground. The energy is there. Strangely, however, we don’t usually dig into it, we don’t investigate. I am interested in exploring this vein with the hope to lay bare the spiritual riches that support our working lives.

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Armand E. “Bunky” Larive grew up in Hermiston, and attended Cove as camper and later director for many years starting in 1949. He came back to the diocese as a young priest, serving seven years in Nyssa and Vale before returning for more graduate work and a long pastorate at St. James in Pullman, where he also taught in the philosophy department. Bunky and wife, Ruby, moved to Bellingham and worked for a couple of years to build a house and nurse an interest in how our faith intersect with everyday work. That experience resulted in the book, After Sunday: A Theology of Work, and a number of speaking, teaching, and resident scholar opportunities around the country. Bunky and Ruby have two sons, Andrew and Brett, and three grandchildren.

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Making Light of a Dark Time

Eastern Oregon will be going dark on Monday, August 21st, and we want to take advantage of it. We are planning to provide lodging and meals for guests who want to get close to the centerline of the moving eclipse across our state. Not all of the details have been determined, but we will be making available all of our lodging areas, our RV hookups, and tent areas for a two night minimum with meals provided. We should mention, however, that the costs of this weekend will be higher than normal because housing in the state at this point is at a premium, and we will be doing this primarily as a fundraiser for Ascension.

In addition, we are developing a program for the weekend around star gazing astronomical study, for those who want to participate. There will be opportunities for worship and spiritual meditation as well.

And to cap it off, Saturday is the annual Cove Cherry Fair which is held on the Ascension Campus.

Contact the office if you want to reserve a spot.

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Family Camp

This weekend is a great opportunity for families to join the longstanding tradition of camp with a weekend of exciting activities and fellowship.

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Labor of Love Weekend: May 26-29, 2017

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a time to come together and get Ascension School cleaned up and ready for the camp season. This year, we invite you to come and see what we’ve been up to over the last year, and what we have coming up in 2017.

Click image to download brochure. (pdf)

This is a weekend for everyone, whether you need a break from your busy schedule or you want to get your hands dirty and join in on a project. We will have time for fellowship, R&R, projects and a few program offerings. Ascension School is a beautiful place to be in the spring!

“I love Memorial Day Weekend at Ascension because it is one of the ways the Diocese comes together to celebrate Ascension’s ministry. It personally gives me such a great sense of pride and a deep connection to the Diocese.” ~Patty Lindsey

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Ascension School Camp and Conference Center, now is your chance to come and Celebrate Ascension’s ministry.

Please feel free to come for 1 day or 3 days, whatever fits your schedule.

  • We provide lodging and meals at no cost, and we welcome donations.
  • The first meal is served on Friday night and the last meal is Monday breakfast.
  • To make reservations for lodging and or meals, please call 541-568-4514 extension 2 or send us an email.

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