Full Circle Retreat – Fall 2016

Hi everyone!  I hope you are well and happy, and enjoying your summer.  This is the information for the upcoming retreat in September at the Cove Ascension Camp. We have added some activity choices to the schedule.  This link will take you to the web version of the flyer with SHARE buttons for FaceBook. Thanks for sharing!  Check it out!

Silent Retreat: September 16-18, 2016

“I especially enjoyed Jen’s talks which were life-affirming, remarkable and so full of love that I felt like we all were made of spun light and grace.” ~Participant, Earth Day Silent Retreat 2016


“I enjoyed the whole retreat.  There was nothing that I did not enjoy.  I never felt a desire to be anywhere else but there in the moment and left feeling totally relaxed and calm.” ~Participant, Earth Day Silent Retreat 2016

I always enjoy hearing from you and perhaps I will see you at the retreat in September.